October 17, 2018

 Good morning,

 Yesterday morning I got up for my run in the early dawn of the day. Across the land was the crisp, clean look of freshly frozen, frosty, grass and plants. The wind was fairly calm, but the crispness was evident.  There was a beauty that cannot be described. There was a clearness that was unmatched, with a clear sense that summer is past. Winter is approaching! It was a reminder to me of the unmatched love and grace of our God! The ground looked perfect. Everywhere I looked was a beauty that was unblemished. Everything was white and crisp. The grace of God descends on us like fresh frost, like a summer dew, to cover us with perfection. Not because we deserve it, but because of his incomprehensible love. A love and an understanding that no one can fathom (Isaiah 40:28) Today, as every day, I need the covering of a caring and loving God!

 This past week, I was reminded again of the unmatched love and care that I have received from him. I was driving home from Archbold and all of a sudden was covered with oil. My first thoughts were, ugh…how awful. I went home and checked out the problem and discovered a broken hose, I thought. Later in checking deeper we discovered that it was shock seals that leaked and need to be fixed and a broken throttle cable. I say all that, because I am sure that the many prayers that were offered up on my behalf while on sabbatical were answered. All of that could have happened 500 miles quicker and been in the middle of nowhere on the way home from Alaska. Instead, I could take it to Dave’s shop and we could fix it ourselves and no problem with all the hassles of being on the road with a breakdown.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and great love!

 Over the past weeks, we as pastors have been flooded with acts of kindness in many ways. Words of encouragement, food, kind notes and cards, food, thoughtful acts of kindness, food, words of encouragement, food, kindness…. Do you get the idea? Thanks so much for the many ways you have blessed us. I believe that I have been blessed beyond measure by being allowed to serve here at North Clinton. Thanks to all of you for the difference you have made in my life, and in the lives of people in our community.

 While walking through the Sauder museum the past week and seeing all the things from days gone by, I had to wonder, what will I be remembered for?  We all leave a memory to someone.  Is it a memory of mistakes we made or a memory of what we strived for?  My mind was drawn to David, a person that God said is a man after my own heart.  When I look at David’s life I can see lots of mistakes, sins, that he committed.  I see times that he made horrible choices, and lives that were lost because of it. And yet, God says this is a man after my own heart.  The legacy of David is one of repentance and forgiveness.  When made aware of his sin, he repented and was forgiven.  It is the same opportunity that we have today in our own lives.  It’s a legacy that we can be handing down for generations.  So, yes people can look at us as an old relic, but what is that relic remembered for.  Living in God’s grace and forgiveness or living outside that!

 May the grace and forgiveness and love of God wash over you like a fresh crisp morning frost. May you have a frost covered week. 




North Clinton Church