October 4, 2018

Good afternoon congregation,

 Another day in northwest Ohio. Will it rain, or will it be nice? It is a question that many ask this time of the year. Those who want to work in the field check the weather forecast to see what to expect. Those who want to work outside in their yards, check to see what the weather will do. The signs of fall are around us, but is it here for sure? The leaves haven’t changed, but, it is close. Soon it will be time to start the wood stove and we will have colder weather. In the near future we will have snow and even more cold. What can easily happen is that we forget to live in today. We look for what is coming tomorrow and forget to live in today. We get busy and don’t take the time to live in the here and now.

 This past Sunday we looked at Luke 3 and what it means to put a stake in the ground and have a place to come back to that declares that Jesus is lord of our life. John the Baptist was securely living in the here and now, with preparation for what is to come. He fully understood that Jesus was coming and wanted to call persons to be ready for his coming. He minced no words and was very straight forward.

 This coming week we will be looking at Psalm 95 and what it means to worship the kingship and shepherdhood of our Lord.  He is Lord of all, or is he? He cares for our every need and watches out for us. So, you can read Psalm 95 in preparation.

 This past week at the funeral of Bob Miller I had to reflect on what it means to be ready. Ever since Norma passed away, Bob was constantly talking about what he wanted to do before he passed to make sure everything was in order, so things would be easy for his family. He was going through every detail to make sure that it was ready. For all of us, we need to reflect on what it means to be ready. Do we have the important details worked out and ready? Have we lived a path that we want our family to follow?

 It’s harvest time, a time when the growing season comes to an end. The results of that harvest rest on the preparation for the harvest. Were enough seeds planted, was there enough fertilizer, was it the right seed? Even the harvesting equipment makes a difference. Does it crack the seed, does it let too much dust through, too many hulls or cobs? Was enough weed spray used? Lots of things that happen now are contingent on what was done in preparation. But, regardless of the preparation, the harvest time is still here. What was done is done.

 I would encourage you to take the time to worship each day. Spend time with the word, in prayer and when possible, with others in worship. Worship happens in so many forms. It can be loud, and it can be quiet. It can be with others, it can be by yourself. There is a time for each.

 Have a blessed day!

 Pastor Glenn

North Clinton Church