October 9, 2018

Good afternoon congregation,

 It’s October and frost and cool weather are on the way. That means that snow isn’t far away, which means that before you know it, it will be spring, and the May flowers will be blooming.  It reminds me of the farmer that used to say to his help on Monday morning, “come on boys we need to get to work. The day after tomorrow is Wednesday which means the week is half over and we haven’t gotten anything done yet.” I say all this to remind us to take the time to enjoy the season that you are in. To remind us to enjoy what today holds and not get so focused on tomorrow.

 This past Sunday we looked at the Psalms and some other passages and talked about what it means to worship our heavenly Father. This past Saturday I was greatly challenged while working with a friend and there was an accident that did a fair bit of damage to a piece of equipment. His response was, “no one got hurt”. The next morning was the fire of a local dairy barn and I heard that same response of several persons who helped with clean up and moving of the cows, “no one was hurt.”  It’s easy to move into a time of worship when we keep focused on what is important. I remember when I was younger being told to keep the main thing the main thing.

 This coming week we will be looking at Romans 12. What does it mean for us to be a living sacrifice? The problem with a living sacrifice is when it tries to crawl off of the altar. The call for us is to live our lives as an offering of love to our savior and sacrifice all for the sake of the kingdom of God. You can read Romans 12 in preparation.

 This coming Sunday we will be having a New Members/New Believers class following the second service. The class will give you information about what it means to be a part of North Clinton Church, and what it means to follow Christ. Lunch will be provided for participants. If child care is needed, we will offer that as well. If you would like to be a part of this class, please contact me or call the Church Office. I’d love to have you join us for this class.

 What are some themes or passages of scripture that you would like to have talked about or looked at in the sermon time on Sunday mornings? If you let me know, we will address them when we can.

 We have raised approximately $7,500 for drilling wells in Haiti. It takes $5,000 to drill one well. It would be awesome to raise another $2,500 so that we would be able to drill 2 wells. If you would like to give to this project, you can put your check in the offering basket and mark it for such.

 I pray that you have an awesome day!


Pastor Glenn

North Clinton Church