January 9, 2019

How is the new year starting for you? Have you made any resolutions and if you did, are you keeping up with them? I wish you well in that.

 This morning when I started my day, it was snowing and blowing and sounding cold outside. When I went outside I felt the wind and snow, but under my feet I could feel that the ground wasn’t really frozen. It was a little soft as I walked across it. Our foundation tells the story. I knew from the feel of the ground that it has been warm enough to prevent freezing. The water wasn’t frozen in the dishes either, which confirmed my thoughts. Each of us have a foundation that tells a lot about what it is happening above it. It is important to work on making sure the foundation is solid. We do that by spending time with God. By spending time reading and studying the word. By surrounding ourselves with other persons who have the same focus. The question is, what prevents that from happening? What are the distractions that keep us from a sharp focus?

This week you can read Ephesians 6 in preparation for Sunday’s sermon. We will talk about those battles that rage within us and around us. Those things that keep us from having a sharp focus.

 This past week we looked at Ecclesiastes 3 and talked about what gives us the ability to have peace in this life. Life under the sun is meaningless, but life under the Son is filled with meaning and substance. There are things we need to do that give us that peace. We need to have a purpose, we need to have correct priorities and we need to plan so that we live out those priorities that allow us to fulfill that purpose. 

  I trust that you have a meaningful week and that you experience the fullness of Christ in your life. 


 Pastor Glenn

North Clinton Church