October 2, 2019

Good morning

            The other evening as I was walking around in my backyard past sunset, I was looking at the stars and thinking about the importance of each person. The Bible tells us that God has named every star. It tells us that he knows how many hairs are on our head (for some that’s zero). As I looked at the stars and the many constellations, I thought about how unique each one of us are. Why did God make us all so different? We like different foods, different tasks, different hobbies, different music/TV, differences, differences, differences. Yet we know that God made us each for a specific purpose. He has equipped each of us for the task he has called us to. Often times we don’t like what it is he has called us to, or we are so focused on our own thing that we don’t hear his voice. When you take a moment to just sit and listen, and look, you can see the hand of God everywhere. As I looked at the heavens and saw all the stars I was reminded of the uniqueness of each of us. I was also reminded of Psalm 19 that says, “the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies declare the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech and night after night they display their knowledge, yet their voice goes out to the ends of the earth and their words to the end of the world.” The creation around us reminds us of God’s handiwork and how special we are to him.

            Have you ever sat and watched the cars go by, watched the drivers as they drive their cars? It seems often the cars are hurrying to and fro and only one person is in the car. Many are going in the same direction and possibly to the same place. People talking/texting on their phones, people getting dressed, people putting on makeup, people who appear to be singing, people who look happy, people who look stressed; each one has a story to tell, and I often wonder what it is. It’s a good discipline to pray for them. I like to wave to them and watch their reaction. I like to toot my horn when I see people out in their yard working, as a friendly way to say, “how’s it going” knowing that after I’ve passed they may ponder for a while who was that person who tooted at me. I say this because I believe that what is lacking in our community and world is a true, deep love for the people around us. Not trying to change them to make them how we think they should be, but loving them as deeply as God has taught us to love. There are many hurting people, families, and children struggling in school because of this. All of us can benefit from someone showing us love and kindness. It’s actually a biblical command to love our neighbor as our self; neighbor being defined as anyone we come in contact with.

            Thanks to everyone for the gracious generosity in helping to provide money for wells in Haiti. I will never be able to erase the image of watching the families getting fresh water from the well that we drilled for them. As the water gushed from the well and ran across the ground, children were running through the water, laughing, clapping, and dancing with great enthusiasm. We make a difference one penny at a time.

This past Sunday we looked at a passage of scripture in the story of Jesus’ call on each of us - the story of catching a large amount of fish, the story of a few good men going back to their old ways of fishing. Remember that Jesus always starts with where we are at, with a tremendous amount of love and compassion and Jesus gives us the ability to move forward and have purpose and meaning in our lives.

This coming week I encourage you to read Philippians 1:1-11 in preparation for the sermon that Terry Diener will share with us this weekend.

 Pastor Glenn

North Clinton Church