February 6, 2019

I took some time and listened to parts of the state of the union address last evening.  I listened to what was said but spent a lot of time watching reactions to what was said. I found it interesting as various members would look around to try and decide if they should stand and clap or sit and not clap, based on party affiliation. At times the different political parties were unified and at times some members would stand, and cheer and others would sit and look around. The President tried to say things that would unite people to his agenda and what he wants to do. And then when he was done everyone wants to have a say in whether he was correct in saying what he said or not. Whether they agreed or not. I found the content of the speech interesting, I found the responses throughout the evening somewhat humorous and also very telling.

 It reminded me that we all have opinions about everything that takes place. It also reminded me that we need to know truth. As a people we need to understand what truth is. After the speech there were all these fact/finder statements. And when you read them, it depends on where the writer is coming from on whether they say it was close and ok or if it was false. As believers we can spend a lot of time discussing theories, but we need to know where the truth is. The Bible is God’s word and is the source of truth.  2 Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. God’s word is our starting place and our ending place.  When we start with God’s word, it gives us a common starting place and allows for a possibility that we can end at the same place as well.

 This past week we spent some time looking at scripture and how we can sing a new song. God’s word encourages us to sing a new song; to get out of the rut of the old dirge and focus on the power of God to change us.

 This coming week is Valentine’s Day. On Sunday, couples who are celebrating anniversaries this year (multiples of 5 years) have the opportunity to renew their vows. So, this coming Sunday, we will be looking at the love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13 and Romans 12. What does it mean to love?  In the culture that we live in, we struggle with understanding of what love is. Love for self, love for spouse, love for parents, love for children, love for… So take the time to read these two chapters and come ready to think about love.

 It is good to have Keegan, Allie and Lincoln here with us. Take the time to visit with them and get to know them.

 Looking back over the past month, we had some awesome events planned for learning and growing. Each week we try to plan for our morning worship that hopefully is a culmination of all of our worship from each day of the week. The Bible study intensive was designed to give all of us more understanding of how we can study the Bible and grow in our faith. The prayer event with Larissa was to encourage us in our prayer walk. All of these areas are to help us in our walk with God.

 Today begins the second time section of Family Discipleship Nights. The design is to have opportunities to grow in our walk with God. The meal at the beginning is to try and make it convenient for all. Come straight from work and eat, learn and still be home in time to spend some time with your family before bed.

 I want to say a big thank you to all the persons who have been involved with planning for each of these events.  Much time, prayer, finances and planning go into each of these events. Thanks as well to each person that came and participated in these events. Also, thanks for bringing friends and family with you. Our goal is that all may come to know and experience the fullness of Jesus Christ.


 Pastor Glenn

North Clinton Church