March 29, 2019

Good Morning,

 Spring is here. Birds are singing, rain is falling, little flower bulbs are starting to show up, there are worms on the sidewalk. Spring is here. It won’t be long till we have yards to mow, gardens to plant and picnics at the lake. Spring is all about anticipation of what is to come. 

 Over the past weeks we have been looking at the letters to the churches found in Revelation 2 & 3 and are reminded how we should deal with our present in light of our past and our future. Last week we looked at the letter to Pergamum. How they allowed persons in their midst to stray away from truth and did nothing about it. This week we will be looking at the letter to Thyatira. The church at Thyatira did some of the same things. They also allowed a person to be a big influence on them. That person was called Jezebel. I believe that Jezebel represents more than one person, but many influential persons that we allow to be in control of us. So, take the time to read and be ready for Sunday. 

 Continue to pray for the people in Nebraska and the astronomical flooding they have experienced. You can see on our facebook page that we are a collection site for people that want to drop off items. There are also flyers at the Information Center. 

 Tomorrow evening is the Youth Auction.  Everyone is invited to eat dinner here starting at 4:30 p.m.  There are also many items in the auction for persons to bid on.  What is really cool, is if you don’t want to take anything home, you can just bring money and give a donation. All proceeds go to helping to support the youth in their trip to Bolivia this summer.

 Back to spring. The other day I was mowing my yard, doing the annual cutting it short, so that the green grass can grow and not be hindered by the dead stuff.  It reminded me of the many ways that we need to cut the dead, brown stuff out of our lives so that the good stuff can grow.

 I pray that you have a great day!


 Pastor Glenn

North Clinton Church