April 5, 2019

Good afternoon,

 April showers bring May flowers. I love the springtime and the new growth that we experience. Flowers poking through the soil. Leaves growing on the trees, bees and birds flying around. Things in the garden growing and in the fields. It is truly a beautiful time. In our own lives, I am reminded of the words of Solomon when he says the winter is gone and the spring has come. It is the time of new growth. We need to get into the word and allow the new growth of the Spirit to grow within us.

 This week I have been spending time looking at my own life and how I grow. Growth is not always fun. It usually involves pruning and weeding. It involves looking at things I don’t like and things that I have tried to cover with other stuff. But, as the Holy Spirit works in us, we can become what he wants us to become.

 This past week we looked at the letter to the church at Thyatira, a church that needed to make some adjustments in who they were. A church that followed “Jezebel.”  This coming week we will be focusing on the letter to the church as Sardis, a church that is called dead. There were only a few who had not soiled their cloths, worshiped the gods that were around them. You can read the first part of Revelation chapter 3 in preparation.

 As you prepare for the busy spring/summer, don’t forget whose you are. Nurture that relationship with your creator and be ready for whatever he may entrust to you. 

 Next week on Saturday we have the privilege of helping clean up some of the parks in Wauseon. It is an awesome opportunity to make a difference in our community. It gives the message that we care about our community. Look for information in the bulletin for ways you can get involved and help with this awesome community project!

 I pray that you have a blessed and bountiful day!

 Pastor Glenn

North Clinton Church