May 30, 2019

Good morning everyone,

 Back in the 70’s I was riding my bike one Sunday afternoon. I was close to our house and rode down the neighbor’s lane. When I got close to the creek, I heard this loud music. In our town you didn’t ever hear loud music. My curiosity got the best of me and I followed the sound. To my surprise, it led me to the park on the east side of our town. There were these long-haired people wearing sandals and flowery shirts. The ladies were wearing flowery dresses with flowers in their hair. They were driving a van with bumper stickers all over it and had the side doors open and these big speakers set up and were playing this loud music. Their language was very similar to our neighbor’s two houses down on our street. They would say things like, dude, cool, groovy, wow man… after a little while they got out some guitars and started to sing. They were pretty good. I found out their band name was Daybreak. They sang this song that day that had these lyrics in them, “after the rain is gone, everything is new, the sun comes out and the sky is blue, the birds take wing from their hiding place and would you believe that its God’s grace.” That has stuck with me for the rest of my life. In fact, whenever it rains I often hear them sing those lyrics in my ear and am reminded of God’s grace. 

 I share that because this spring, I have been hearing it a lot. In fact, it doesn’t always feel like grace. It feels like something not so pleasant. I have to take time to think about God’s plan and God’s grace and love.  The rain seems to not want to stop, and the ground doesn’t seem to dry up and we continue to wait. God does have a plan. God does know what is best. He has a master plan. We can trust him, even though it is difficult at times. And, when the rain is gone, everything is new, the sun will come out, the sky really is blue, and the birds will fly and sing, and believe it, it is God’s grace!!!

 This week we will begin a series from the book of Galatians, The Freedom series. Have you been set free from bondage of any kind? This week we will be looking at freedom we have in God’s grace. You can read Galatians 1 for this week.

 Please remember to pray for our youth as they prepare to embark on their mission trip. There are still details that need to come together for them. Pray for Pastor Dan and the sponsors and those going on the trip.

 Also know how stressful it is for the farmers in our midst as they wait and wait and wait. Wondering what they will plant and when. Wondering if they will get to plant. It creates stress in so many ways for them.  It has a huge effect on their livelihood.

 We are also seeing the effects of many tornadoes around as well! Lots of prayers needed for so many people. 

 This past evening the youth as well as a number of adults did such a fantastic job of cleaning up the landscaping around the church. Mulching was done, bushes trimmed, weeds pulled, grasses cut. Thanks to all that were here and helped! You make a difference. Then today a wonderful volunteer came in and is pressure washing the entrance way! All these things are cosmetic, but they communicate that we care. The core is the interaction we have with each other and our community. We need to keep our focus in the right places. People need to be our focus and being good stewards of the things God has entrusted to us.

 Thanks to all of you for the many ways you contribute so “that all may know.”

 Blessings!  - Pastor Glenn

North Clinton Church