May 8, 2019

Recently while sitting in my garage relaxing, listening to the birds sing, and watching life move around me, I was reminded how important it is to rest. Cars were speeding down the road, wind was blowing by, everything was moving in some compacity. Fluffy clouds were carelessly moving across the sky and all the while this one bird sat in a tree nearby and just sang and sang. I was reminded how often I miss the singing of a bird, because I don’t take the time to listen. To listen, makes me take time to rest. Slow down a little.  But so rewarding.

 I want to take a moment to thank the congregation for giving me the past couple weeks for Sabbatical. I will be taking the last two weeks the first part of July. During this time, I had a lot of time for my mind to rest. I exercised a lot. Ran, prayed, talked with God. Did some reading.  And I spent time with family. I was in Iowa with my parents for most of last week. It was good to reconnect with them. Thanks for your prayers and the many ways that you encourage.  The most encouraging part of what I get to do, is your involvement. Knowing that you want to be involved makes a difference for all of us.

 This past week Dan had a sermon focused on Ephesians 5. A good challenging sermon on our identity in Christ.

 This coming week is Mother’s Day. It is a day that can bring so many emotions to the surface for people. There are those that are so thankful for the mothers they have and love telling them. There are those that didn’t have great mothers and struggle with a day to honor them. There are those that wish their mothers were still here and struggle with mom being gone. There are those that are mothers and so love that role. There are those that are mothers and secretly wish they didn’t have all that responsibility. There are other mothers that are single parents or feel like one and wish they had help. There are those that want to be mothers and it hasn’t happened. There are those that wish they were married and could be a mother…the list can go on and on. 

 In the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew chapter 1 there are 5 women that are mentioned in 42 generations. What made them important enough to mention and not any of the others? This week I want us to look at Matthew 1 and we will talk about all these emotions of Mother’s Day. You can read from Matthew chapter 1 in preparation. Reading this chapter, to get the full impact of it, you need to do a little background work.

 I also want to take a moment to thank the many people that have been involved in making Wednesday evening Family Discipleship Night (FDN) such a success. There are so many people doing so many different things. Each one has an impact. Sometimes we don’t even realize the impact that we have until later.

 This past week, I was running through the community where I grew up. I was flooded with memories of persons that impacted me. Some of those memories were so good. Persons/teachers that left such a positive mark on my life. I was also reminded of those persons that were a negative influence on me and left that mark. I can tell you, that it takes a lot of positive encouragement to overcome a few negatives. It reminded me how important it is to feed into our young people, children, kids in our church. We hold within the words we use with them the ability to lift them up and encourage them to soar and we can do the opposite when we don’t chose those words and comments carefully.

 This week is also national teachers’ week. I want to say thanks to all the teachers! You influence so much. Make sure that you are doing as much as you can with the opportunities you have. I remember a teacher that impacted me so much, Jackie. She encouraged me to dream big dreams and then encouraged me to put feet on those dreams. I am reminded of Mrs. Yoder that told me how much I could accomplish after all the kids made fun of me for throwing up in the container that held the worms we were supposed to dissect. I remember a shop teacher that said, if you can dream it, you can build it. I remember a teacher telling me that I could never hold still long enough to get what I wanted and laughing at me along with the whole class. All of these are memories. Most of them are awesome. And we learn from the bad so we are reminded how we can make a positive difference. So, thanks to the teachers. Have an awesome week!!!

 Blessings! Pastor Glenn