June 12, 2019

Good morning,

 This morning I got up early like every other day. Did a workout and went to do my chores before a morning run. Instead of moving quickly, I sat in the doorway of my barn and watched the sun appear over the landscape to my east. The birds were singing and a new day appeared. 

I am not sure what your day started like or what your thoughts were/are. But I can tell you that I had lots of thoughts. If you don’t mind, I would like to share some of them with you. If you do mind, well, I will anyway.  What are you dealing with today? You need to know that God wants to shine into you day! As I sat and watched the sun climb from behind the horizon as the birds chirped a sweet melody and my hens softly clucked on my left while the dogs woofed down their breakfast, I was reminded of the significance God has given to each of us. The wheat field on my left grows more beautiful each day. As the wind moves through the stalks of grain they move like a wave in the ocean and God says, watch what I can do as I move in your life. The windmill was silent this morning with great expectation of the wind of God moving through its blades, so it can stir up the pond from the bottom up. The wisps of clouds were so easily drifting across the sky reminding me that there is more to come. The misty steam was rising from the pond letting me know that warmth is on the way, today.

I thought of the passage that we will be looking at this week from Galatians chapter 3 and the freedoms we have in Christ. Last evening, I stood and watch the wheat blow in the wind. It is fastened at the base of the stalk and gets it nourishment from the roots and yet the wheat heads blow here and there, wherever the wind takes them…to a point. They stay connected to the source of their life, the roots. I was reminded, as I sat there this morning, of a December Saturday morning in 1989. I had gotten up early that morning and drove my pickup truck to the southeast to the Buckeye airport. I went through several hours of training and then hopped on an airplane with 4 other guys. This plane had one seat so three of us sat on the floor.  No seatbelts just sat on the floor. The plane took off and then began to go in big circles ever climbing higher and higher. We circled around the Palo Verde Nuclear Power plant and continued higher and higher until we reached 10,000 feet above the ground. At that point we opened the door of the airplane and I stuck my head out and looked at the ground. I must say that when the door opened, it took my breath away. I looked down and below me was the outline of a box about 30 ft by 30 ft outlined in white.  John leaned over my shoulder and yelled into my ear (it was very loud because of the plane and the wind) and said that we will land on that exact spot in about 5 or 10 minutes. We stepped out that open door and stood on a little platform beside the plane and counted to three and fell backwards flipping through the vastness of space that God created. 

 When we let loose of the wing strut and began the backward catapult into the vastness of space and time, I felt a freedom that words cannot explain. People often think that when you leave the confines of an airplane you instantly feel like you are hurling towards imminent death towards the ground that awaits you. But that is not true. There is a feeling of weightlessness. The feeling that you can soar like a bird. You can guide your body with the slight twist of your wrist. Yes, the wind whistles past your face at about 120 mph, but you feel a freedom. After falling for about 7,000 feet we pulled the rip chord and opened the parachute and again felt the restrictions of life. But for those fleeting moments before it opened, and we were just passing through, there was the feeling of no restrictions.

 So it is with the freedom we have in Christ. He takes away the restrictions of our past. He allows us to soar, he allows us to have freedom from all that holds us in bondage. 

 I sat and watched a farmer in the field last evening. As the tractor and field tillage implement went past and turned up the soil in preparation for the seed, I had to wonder. I wonder what the crop will be like. I wonder how well it will grow. I wonder if we will get more rain and flood it under… we can wonder about a lot of things. But freedom is moving beyond the wondering. Freedom is knowing whose we are. Freedom is understanding that we were bought at a price. Freedom is knowing that when I make a mistake, sin, today it has been covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

 In all of life here on earth, we will have to pull the rip chord and feel the restrictions of life or we will crash. But a day is coming where we get to live permanently outside the restrictions, in eternal freedom in the presence of almighty God. But for now, Christ is our parachute. He knows the earth will appear and we won’t stay at 10,000 feet. So, he came so that we can know that all is cared for. He came so that we can safely land and keep moving forward. John 10:10 says that “I have come so that you can have life and have it to the full!”

 So, today look at the sunrise and think of the possibilities. Think about what you are like when the wind of the spirit flows through you! Think about that as the sun rises and the wind of the spirit blows into your soul, you have great potential. Today is your day! You can soar to new heights. You can go anywhere he chooses to take you! Live to your greatest potential. Let him take away all those things that are holding you back. Remember, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: The old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

 Have a blessed day!


North Clinton Church