June 24, 2019

Good morning,

 This past week I had the privilege of spending some time with my family and walking down memory lane, literally. I stayed at my aunt’s house, that’s next door to the house I grew up in until the age of 13. So, each day I went out to exercise I took roads and paths that I had frequented at a young boy. Living on the last house on the south side of the tracks, south side of town on the south side of the street. As I was running one morning I passed the apple tree that I stopped at many times on my way to school. I remember the day I stopped to get a green apple. The tart, raw juices of the green apple permeated my mouth. My mother warned me that green apples shouldn’t be eaten, it will cause belly aches and pain. That first bite convinced me she was wrong, and I was right. Three hours and three apples later I discovered how right my mother was. As I ran past the house where Mr. Kauffman used to live, I was reminded of the fire that happened there and it took his life. It woke me up at 11 p.m. It seemed like the side of our property was on fire, when it was Mr. Kauffman’s house. He’d had a party that night at his house and according to the reports had fallen asleep on the couch with a cigarette in his mouth. It fell out of his mouth catching the couch on fire. His sister was my neighbor along with her husband and two boys. They were classic hippies. They had a tepee and a peace sign in the front yard. The fire changed their lives. They became born again believers.

 I went on down the road past several more familiar places and ended up at the old river bridge. As I stood on the bridge that is now closed to traffic, I reflected back to my own life. I stood and looked at the crossroad, remembering the story of losing my saddle at the football field from a choice that I made. I was reminded that we face many crossroads in life. Each of those crossroads led somewhere, some better than others. I don’t know what crossroad you are facing today but choose wisely. Some can be very destructive and some lead to great joy and happiness.

 I took a drive to where our farm used to be, where all the buildings are gone except one, a tiny building where my grandfather lived. I don’t know why they chose to keep only that building and everything else was gone. Where there was pasture there are now trees, where there was a driveway there is now grass, some fences I built were still there, but mainly all that was left was memories. Some really good, and others not so good. It was easy to visualize where grandma used to sit for hours to crochet and pray. I drove along the woods where I used to hunt and was reminded that everything changes, and nothing changes. My siblings and I spent days sorting through my parents’ things, getting rid of things that no one wanted or had no value. I was again reminded that all of life comes back to one thing, the only thing that goes with us are the decisions we make at the various crossroads we come to in life.

 This past weekend the youth shared about their trip to Bolivia, things that went as planned and those that didn’t. For many of them it will be a crossroads experience, things that were learned on the trip will impact them and change their lives forever. It will help them to make positive and life changing choices throughout their life. Thanks to everyone that was a part of making this great trip a possibility, for the life-changing experiences the youth were given. They truly are our sons and daughters, they are a part of the family here at North Clinton.

 This coming week we will be looking at Galatians 3:26-47 and the freedoms that we have as children of God. As sons and daughters, we are part of the family, we aren’t alienated, we aren’t pushed away, but we are invited to be at the dining room table with our heavenly father along with our brothers and sisters.

 In a couple of weeks, we have the Motorcycle Swap Meet taking place. Our church has the opportunity of having the Grandstand Diner open where food and drink are served to those in attendance. The beauty of that is that we have the opportunity to be a living testimony of Christ to those that stop into the Diner. People come from all over the world to see these old motorcycles. They are blessed by the godly attitudes and witness of those that serve at the Diner. Everyone that helps makes a difference. Please stop by the lobby display to volunteer and impact others for Christ.

 We are in the middle of summer and the days are starting to get shorter. How are you doing in your walk with Christ on these wet, cloudy summer days? Before we know it, the fall frost will be here, and winter winds will begin, and all opportunities at the crossroads will be past. Make the most of every opportunity. Remember the moto of North Clinton also applies to our lives, “that all may come to know and experience the fullness of Jesus Christ”.

 Have a wonderful day.

 Pastor Glenn

North Clinton Church