June 5, 2019

 Another rainstorm, another puddle of water, another day of waiting to see if it will ever dry up. What does it mean to wait? What does it mean to want something so bad and it doesn’t come to pass in our time frame? How do you respond to something that you have given up on and finally happens? For the farming community, we are at that timeframe of thinking it will never dry up. Thinking it will never be fit to plant. It’s a question of faith and trust. It’s so out of our control. This morning I got a phone call from my local post office telling me a package, that I had given up on ever arriving, was ready for me to pick up. I immediately went to the post office and sure enough, there it was. Nine months after expecting it and getting to a place where I didn’t believe it would ever show up. And here it is. Amazing. I had lost hope. I had no faith in the USPS. And here it is.

 Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. It is easy for us to lose faith in people and entities. It can happen when things don’t seem to work out, or people tell us things that don’t happen, or we pray for something and it doesn’t work out as we planned. We can lose faith. We have prayed for rain to stop, for wind to blow and dry out the ground, and it keeps raining. What do we do? How do we respond?

 This coming Sunday we will continue in the series on Freedom and we will look at Galatians 2, Freed through Faith. We will be looking at what faith is and how we live it out. What is our faith in? What do we have complete trust or confidence in? So, in preparation you can read Galatians 2. 

 I would love to hear stories of your faith and how you live it out, or examples of how persons around you have lived it out.  Paul says it this way, faith without works is dead and works without faith is dead (my paraphrase). What are the things that I do as a result of the faith that I have?

 The youth are leaving tomorrow morning for their trip to Bolivia. Please keep praying for a safe trip and for God to move in big ways in their lives. Pray that they have open hearts for what God wants to do in them and through them.

 Summer is here. Just a reminder as we all get busy with summer things, don’t forget to take God with you. Don’t forget to spend time with him. It is easy to go to the lake, go camping, etc. and not take God with us. We need his presence in our lives and we need the presence of our brothers and sisters to grow and shape us. Don’t forget the importance of weekly worship. Whether here with us, or if you are traveling, take the time to worship somewhere. A week without God makes one weak.

 I pray that you all have a great week! And I pray that God continues to lead you!

 Romans 12:11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.

 Have a blessed day!

 Pastor Glenn

North Clinton Church