July 22, 2019

Good morning,

 Once again, we had another rainy week. It seems the rain will never stop. Maybe we need to consider building our ark 😊. Last evening after returning home from church, I sat in my chair in the garage to listen to the thunder and watch the lightening. I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of God’s creation and how miracles like thunder and lightening happen. As the thunder and lighting moved on and the rain began to get harder, I took cover only to reflect on my thoughts. It seems like only yesterday I walked through the lobby of our church and Jesse and Arlene were sitting in the two chairs outside the nursery. If you didn’t take the time to say a few words and shake a hand, Jesse would make a comment. Now both have passed and as I sat and watched the storms come and go, I was reminded how all of our lives are only just passing through.

 Sometimes we get caught up in the day-to-day and live like we are going to be here forever, but our time here on earth is only temporary. Rick Warren says it well when he says “all of life here on earth is only preparation for what is to come”. I have seen lots of rainbows in the last month and the rainbows remind us of God’s all unending and encompassing love. He gave us this promise thousands of years ago and the earth will never face a flood like it did in the days of Noah. He has also promised to never leave us or forsake us. Even as wet as the spring and summer have been, he has not failed on that regard. I have to continue to be reminded that God’s love springs forth like a fresh rain, and he knows what we need. Last evening in the community where we lived for 18 years, they experienced major storms and flash flooding. Malina had an unconfirmed tornado, but God is still God, and knows what is best. The challenge for all of us is to trust. To trust his word and the promises he gives us, trust his timing when we don’t understand, trust his direction when we don’t know where we are going. Trust is one of the biggest challenges that we face. I pray that this week as you reflect on what is taking place in your life that you will take the time to remind yourself to trust God.

 For this week you can read Luke 5:1-11, looking at what a day walking with Jesus looks like. When we truly take a day to walk with Jesus, what does that day look like? Do we pull him along like a dog on a leash to the places we desire, or do we allow him to lead the way? Does it change the people we hang out with, the stories we tell, the things we laugh at, or the thoughts we deal with? Hopefully our days with Jesus are filled with love and compassion for him and those we come in contact with.

 This past week again many persons served at the Grandstand Diner. A huge thank you to those who not only took the time to serve but took Christ with them to share with those that they came in contact with. I had the privilege to visit with a couple at the Diner that ate breakfast with us in Talkeetna, Alaska, a small town off the beaten path in the shadow of the mountain, Denali. They are from Indiana and spent time in Alaska last summer when we were there. It’s connections like this that we have the privilege to make, persons that come back year after year as well as new connections that we make each year. The one thing that is constant is good food, good service, great people, and a loving God that we can share with everyone.

 We are just a little over a month away from starting our Saturday evening service. We want to encourage everyone to serve one and worship one. What that means is to attend a worship service strictly for worship only, then attend another service to serve in some compacity - greeters, ushers, childcare, Information Center hosts, serve coffee, etc. In the coming weeks there will be sign up sheets to volunteer to fill a time slot on both Saturday evening and Sunday morning services. Please prayerfully consider how God is calling you and your family to serve during this time. Our goal is to find a way to connect the people in our community with the God that we serve, to model what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and to provide opportunities that all may come to know and experience the fullness of Jesus Christ.

 Blessings, Pastor Glenn

North Clinton Church