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Pastor Glenn coblentz

Lead Pastor Glenn Coblentz was called to North Clinton in August 2010. Glenn is eager to lead the congregation to new beginnings in outreach and faithful commitment. His energy and joy will certainly motivate the church to the next level.

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pastor brad faler

Associate Pastor Brad Faler joined the team in 2000 giving oversight to Pastoral Care Ministries.  Brad has so aptly brought the presence of Christ into numerous crisis situations. His passion and giftedness in pastoral care, crisis ministry, and compassionate counseling, have been indispensable for our church.

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Associate Pastor Dan Martin joined the team in October, 2016 giving leadership in the areas of youth and discipleship.  Dan brings a sincere love for God and people.  He desires to live out real faith every day and encourage others to do the same.



Associate Pastor Keegan McCarthy joined the staff in February 2019 giving leadership to worship ministries. Keegan really feels called to minister to people in worship, and the blessing that has come through that has been people really worshiping and engaging with God in a meaningful way.


Church Administrator Audrey Rupp joined the team in 1996 as Church Secretary and became Church Administrator in 2001. Audrey’s organizational skills, computer knowledge, writing ability, and her pastoral heart have blessed our congregation in profound ways.

Church Secretary Michelle Haase joined the staff in 2011.  Michelle's desire to serve Christ and the church is evident as she answers phone calls, receives guests in the Church Office, and supports the staff and ministry leaders with her clerical skills.

Pastoral Elders:

 John Huber, Greg Wyse, Doug Kutzli, Peggy Volkman, Rodney Nofziger, Neil Wyse

As staff we have experienced the joy of working together as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  To His name we give Glory!